Ian Green heads our energy risk team.

Since 1996 he has built a reputation for energy risk cover.

There is no learning curve

Our entire offer is built on our team’s decades of energy industry experience. We offer Lloyd's coverage, with energy risk capacity provided by one of Lloyd's most respected syndicates.

All of this is designed to offer our broker partners and direct clients complete certainty.


  • Generation
  • Storage
  • Transmission

We cover the entire range of energy risks, including renewables and storage – crafting coverage hand-in-hand with our broker partners.

This allows us to provide trusted, highly crafted coverage that is intelligently priced.


The claims process is managed by our capacity providers who have a reputation for efficiency, fairness and balance.

Ian Green

Ian Green

Director Energy & Natural Resources

+44 (0) 797 001 2369 igreen@occamunderwriting.com