Talisman technology solutions

Today, technology plays an increasingly important role in ensuring a better service for our business partners and their various clients. We pride ourselves on our commitment to embracing technology, and using it in conjunction with our experts to ensure better efficiency and to provide continuous innovation in the market.

“Talisman, it works like a charm”

  • Provides design solutions for MGA’s and Insurance brokers
  • Offers a range of off the shelf easily configurable insurance products
  • Ability to launch new products quickly and effectively/efficiently
  • Ensures a positive customer journey
  • Achieves optimal operational performance

Talisman quote engine

Talisman Quote Engine capabilities

  • Quote
  • Refer
  • Monitor capacity limits
  • Analyse data
  • Brokers have access to a web-based solution to quickly quote remotely
  • Quote data easily flows in real-time to Talisman 7 Back Office

Talisman 7 Back Office

Talisman 7 Back Office is the policy administration tool providing access to the information/data by configurable authority levels, vital in supporting business agility and growth.

Our development tools give businesses the ability to shape and create their own product lines in a structured and frictionless environment.

The reporting functionality is highly configurable and aligns seamlessly at the product building stage, allowing transparency in the management of information throughout the entire business process and offering flexibility and adaptability in report generation to ensure the widest scope of reporting.

Talisman 7 Back Office functionality

  • Document Production
  • Email Integration
  • Premium Income Monitoring
  • Credit Control
  • Ability to Integrate Rating Engine
  • Financial Control Reconciliation
  • Exposure Management
  • Sanction Check API Integration
  • Claims Registration and Payment

Talisman 7 Back Office reporting

  • Performance Metrics
  • Triangulation Reporting
  • Year to Year Changes
  • Financial Reporting
  • Management Reporting
  • Bordereaux Production (compliant to Lloyds’ reporting standards)

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